Becca Roodhuyzen

Becca Roo is the owner of the Playoga studio. The “Play” in Playoga captures Becca’s philosophy that yoga can be fun and that there is a dance between yoga and everyday life. Her classes are deeply authentic and lively. Becca explores parallels between the physical body-centered experiences of practice and themes of daily existence. Teaching students deep optimum alignment in their bodies is Becca’s mission; she is a master at meeting students where they are and providing perfect feedback that allows them to experience alignment.

"Yoga is a mixing bowl of contrasting complements, just like our lives and ourselves. In this way, the Universe plays: softening within structure, ease within conflict, limited bodies with infinite expression. Learning how to be in the center of this pulse and giggle at our own radical nature is the tenacious journey back to who we really are."

Becca has been practicing and studying yoga since 2001. She's experimented with many styles of yoga and has incorporated 13 years of experience into a challenging and dynamic practice. She's completed workshops or trainings in Interdisciplinary, Self-Awakening, Yin, Power, and Anusara® Yoga. Her primary teachers are Jeanie Manchester, Desiree Rumbaugh and Christina Sell.

Jen Baumgardner

Jen has been teaching alignment-based yoga for seven years and practicing for eight years. Jen was inspired by Bessel van der Kolk’s work with yoga for trauma survivors as well as by her teacher Chris Gordon (formerly certified Anusara teacher in Minnesota). She has also studied with Becca Roodhuyzen, Cindy Lusk, Jeanie Manchester, Christina Sell, David Emerson, and Jenn Turner. Jen graduated from her 200 hour teacher training in 2010 at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. She completed her 100 hour Anusara Immersion in 2012 and her 100 hour certification in Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga in 2016, for which she is a facilitator and ambassador (TCTSY-F). She obtained her MSW in 2005 and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 2008.

Jen teaches both asana classes and Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) series. In her asana classes, Jen focuses on both inner and outer alignment, utilizing yoga to help us align ourselves more fully with who and how we want to be in the world. She enjoys using humor and creating a safe environment for self-study to enhance personal growth and healing. As an exercise enthusiast, she understands the needs of tighter bodies and creates a non-judgmental environment for all to practice (no yoga pretzels required!). Her classes are not heated and she plays traditional yoga music.

In her TCTSY closed small-group series, Jen offers opportunities to make choices about moving (or not moving) our bodies as well as opportunities to connect with corresponding feelings and sensations. The TCTSY protocol is an evidenced-based adjunctive treatment to psychotherapy developed by leading researchers in the fields of trauma and psychology. No music is played in TCTSY classes and the room is not heated. No physical assists are offered and Jen remains on her mat to help bolster a sense of safety and personal choice.

Benny James

Benny James has been teaching yoga for nearly ten years and has his 500 hour diploma in yogic studies from a small ashram in India. He first came to yoga at age 16 when he was dancing professionally in order to find more somatic awareness and to help prevent injury. Soon Benny was craving more understanding of his practice that not only made him a better dancer but also a better person, so he ended up taking his journey all the way India to learn yoga from it's mother land. With a profound knowledge of traditional yogic philosophy and science, Benny leads practitioners through a strong gentle practice that places a large importance on the breath, somatics, and the more subtle energetic aspects of yoga. Benny's classes are a great place for beginners to find a strong foundation of yoga, or is also a great place for more advanced practitioners to discover aspects of their practice that they have yet to uncover. Benny is also an incredibly talented dancer, intuitive healer, magical massage therapist, transformational coach, a fierce friend, and a lover of all things that combine nature and food. Come play and set your life on fire with Benny James!

Lisa Troisi

Lisa is an enthusiastic teacher with a passion for sharing the healing elements of movement with others. She uses her background in dance, psychotherapy and movement therapy to facilitate body awareness, freedom of expression and self-acceptance. In 2006, she began attending yoga classes and became intrigued by the healing she experienced through regular practice. Lisa believes the practice of yoga provides a unique spiritual experience. She has completed training in programs in Power Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Therapy. In addition to teaching yoga, Lisa provides counseling, dance/movement and play therapy services to adults, children and families. She strives to be a vehicle for healing and peace within each person she encounters.

Amanda Espinel

Drawn to the open skies and fresh mountain air, Amanda moved from New England's busy streets to the beauty that is Colorado. Her first yoga class was back in middle school and for years after she dabbled with classes here and there. The seed was planted back then but had not yet sprouted. Until that one class with that one teacher who came into the room with such authentic, radiant energy telling everyone that they are amazing just how they are and that everything is a work in progress! How incredibly refreshing and completely necessary it was for her to hear at that time. The seed had cracked open and out poured this new found love for herSELF.

It was then that her yoga journey had truly begun. Amanda began to practice regularly. She was in awe of how her body began to change and the strength she never thought was there began to show. Soon, it became clear that this beautiful practice of yoga and self-love was meant to be shared, meant to inspire others, and crack open that seed buried deep within. Amanda completed her first 200 hour teacher training where she was trained in the vinyasa flow tradition. As she became more comfortable linking the breath with movement, her focus shifted to refining each pose with alignment and muscle engagement. Her classes blend meditation, breath work, and endurance in a light hearted atmosphere that welcomes questions and laughter.

This year promises to be an adventure, she's embarked on another teacher training that will help incorporate her new found love of alignment into her life and the lives of others. Making yoga accessible and FUN to everyone is her passion. Amanda loves to spend her time hiking in the mountains with her side kick Marley and her camera, taking advantage of all this beautiful state has to offer.

Alison Nicholas

200 Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor

I am a motivated, responsible, and passionate yoga instructor! I have been teaching this ancient practice of yoga since 2002 and am excited to bring knowledge and experience to the classroom. I specialize in the Vinyasa tradition, coupled with teaching alignment principles and adding a spiritual theme to each class. I believe a well rounded yoga practice is a gift. I am committed to helping students develop a lifelong practice, leading to optimal health. I am always striving to also be a student of the practice.

Alanna Jason

Alanna Jason uses her yoga class as a tool for greater understanding of oneself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Alanna began yoga in 2009 during her senior year of high school as a way to spend time with friends outside of school. She continued practicing yoga, because it became a place to ease her anxiety and balance her busy schedule. Yoga class became a place of strength and empowerment in her life. Alanna moved to Colorado in 2014 where she took her first teacher training at CorePower yoga in Power Vinyasa. The first training helped her find her voice and seat as a teacher. After moving to Colorado, Alanna worked on finding a community and immediately felt at home after finding Playoga! Once Alanna was introduced to the alignment principles she was hooked. Now she is enrolled in Becca Roodhuyzen's 200 hour yoga teacher training to continue education and to be able to teach the alignment principles she became passionate about. Alanna is inspired by Becca Roodhuyzen and her humorous light-hearted attitude while pushing physical limits and educating students. Alanna's goal is to set students up with proper alignment while allowing them to feel supported, understood, and loved for exactly who they are in that moment. She is currently passionate about encouraging her students to get curious about their bodies and how it feels to move them with precise alignment and how those movements correspond to the other elements of self mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.

Kerri Yeakey

Kerri grew up on the East coast but her heart is in California. She has lived in 3 countries and traveled to over twenty. Kerri's first experience was at an Ashtanga class in San Diego when she was in her early 20's. Kerri’s yoga inspiration was her mother. Yoga is the feel good-workout she was searching for.

Kerri is a wonderful wife to Phillip and mother of two, Royal and Ari. She and her husband have known each other for more than half their lives. He is the Jam in her Jelly Donut! When Kerri is not teaching or practicing yoga she enjoys spending time with her family and practicing acro yoga with her husband and friends.

Kerri taught Kindergarten for many years before she made the decision to devote herself to the practice of yoga. In an effort to deepen her practice she traveled to Thailand, where she received a certification from It's Yoga Thailand. In July of 2014, she completed and graduated from Wilmington Yoga Center 200 YTT. Kerri is certified in Hatha and Asthanga yoga.

Kerri has an amazing passion for teaching and for each one of her students; this is very clear in her classes and her teaching style. Her confidence and knowledge in the classroom allows students to be guided a fun, yet strong practice.

Jessi Saffer

Jessi began to follow her yogic path in her early twenties. Growing up in Colorado she has always been active and looks for adventure in every situation. For most of her early adulthood she was a caretaker and mentor for kids and adults with disabilities. This taught her to feel deep empathy and compassion for every individual. Jessi continued to follow her adventurous heart which led her to become a white-water raft guide in her home town of Gunnison, CO. After the loss of her father, she moved from Gunnison out to San Diego looking for a new start and that is where she began her first Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). CorePower Yoga was where Jessi grew her roots in finding her seat as a teacher and received her first 200-RYT.

Spending most of her adult life in a state of depression, and not understanding that feeling emotions with such intensity wasn’t a bad thing, yoga taught her that inside of those strong feelings is a capable person with love and compassion to share with others. Jessi found Playoga in the Fall of 2015 and began to learn and incorporate the alignment principles that Playoga offers. Captivated by Becca Roo’s different approach to the “world of yoga” she decided to take her second YTT at Playoga. Inside of Anusara/alignment and Playoga, Jessi found a refuge, gained a community and now sees herself as a strong, curious student and teacher.

“I have gained a mental focus that I never knew existed in my own self. When things are too hard for me to comprehend, I step on my mat and find small yet impactful gains in my mind by moving and constructing shapes with my body. Before, yoga was a way to stay fit and flexible, but the term yoga has reached a whole new meaning for me. Yoga to me is a complete way of life. It’s a gateway to mental, physical and spiritual health. Yoga is everything inside your body and inside your world. To nourish this light we must love all that we have, with all that we have. That begins with loving your truest and most vulnerable self. After you’ve found that resilient love for yourself, you can then love everything and everyone with the same unconditional love. Yoga connected all of the missing links between science and religion, it is the energy that we transmit with every inhale and exhale, it is the perfect balance and the perfect answer. It is very much our Pranayama, otherwise known as our very life-force.”

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