Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga

 Join Jen to assist   in your healing of unresolved trauma.

Tuesdays starting March 7th

Want to come to class?
Just show up! Yoga will help you feel calmer, stronger and more free in your body and mind. At Playoga, we offer personal attention and a depth and breadth of knowledge. Our classes are fun, safe and authentic. Through dedication and play we can return to our good-just-as-we-are-ness and live more meaningful, joyful lives.


At PlaYoga, we are devoted to rediscovering wholeness.  Our philosophy is founded on the belief that we are all already complete, just the way we are.  Still, we tend to forget and misunderstand our deep connection to everything around us.

The sanskrit word lila describes divine play in the universe.  Lila is the celebration of life, creativity and beauty.  Lila is injuries, illnesses, and our difficulty in relationships.  Lila is our constant mind chatter and laughing ʻtil it hurts.  Each of our lives are pulsing with this play in every moment.  The question is:  How do we choose to engage with this play?  In The Yoga Sutra, Patanjali suggests that our yoga practice should be steady and joyful (Sthira sukham asanam.)  We wish to serve our yoga community to this end.  We desire to support you in your individual and personal journey.    

Our instructors offer 60+ years of teaching in more than 10 yoga methodologies.  Our classes are small.  We offer personal attention and diverse expertise. 

We create a safe space to cultivate a returning to who we are (again and again) that is steady and joyful.  We believe through attention, dedication, softening, and play, we can return to our good-just-as-you-are-ness and lead more meaningful, integrated lives.