Our Mission

At Playoga, we're passionately focused on alignment. And, the reason that we're so single-minded is that we've experienced the difference alignment makes to both the practice of asana, and in people's lives. Whether you're older with limited flexibility, or a fluid, experienced practitioner, discovering your own body's optimal alignment will transform your habitual, (maybe) pain-causing, body patterns and shift you into freedom--a freedom that comes from awareness, strength, and stability. “Since practicing at Playoga everything that I do with my body has improved, and is easier.” This lasering in on alignment makes Playoga classes different, because while we’re practicing we’re also teaching you how to place your body inside each yoga shape. So after each Playoga class, you’ll have greater knowledge of optimal positioning and how it affects function. And after countless classes, you’ll master balanced action. Yes we’re nerds, but the second thing that we’re serious about at Playoga is play. We can play yoga the way we play a game, and sometimes we’re silly. In fact, we embrace the fun of being together and playing. We also embrace that, like learning to play an instrument, we learn to play our body, which takes discipline. Of course we want to perform a sonata after our first piano lesson! But we know that’s not the way a creative endeavor unfolds. So we hold that uncomfortable space between beginner and maestro, and believe that if we show up and practice our instrument daily, the results are inevitable: mastery. As we have the experience, again and again, of applying this alignment in our poses, we see our progression to more advanced poses. And being taught, we progress more quickly. So, we celebrate the joy of the journey, like a musician playing the scales over and over, because that’s the practice that leads to beautiful music. And we’ve seen that there’s an alignment in the body that allows us to be healthy and happy and at home in the world.